Our Team


Maryann, CEO and Solution Architect

Maryann brings lots of years of experience that spans business and education and includes consulting, facilitation, executive coaching, and leadership development for executives in scores of organizations across industries and around the globe. She is a thought leader to executives and creates solutions for executive development, organizational transformation, and performance improvement. She also designs and facilitates strategy and leadership events for corporate leaders and boards of directors that are thought-provoking and promote innovation. Maryann and her business partners are eager to help leaders marshal initiatives beyond ideas to successful execution. Travel, skiing, biking, golf, movies, and reading are her choice activities.



Peter, CFO and Crazy Idea Officer

Peter enjoyed a very fulfilling career as a Professor of Operations Management at Colorado State University-Pueblo. He continues to publish a journal on innovations in business education and is the CFO of Action Leadership Group. Daily, he conspires with Maryann to improve teaching and learning through the work of Action Leadership Group. Peter’s research areas include: Creativity, Puzzles-based problem solving, Lean and Six Sigma. He was named the Hasan School of business Outstanding Faculty Member in 1996, 1999, 2005, 2008 and 2014. He received the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1991 and 2014. Peter enjoys skiing, travel, and movies as well as spending time with his grandson.




Terri, Director of Actualization

Terri is responsible for getting all of our great ideas off the ground! She has developed and implemented project management and business systems to ensure effective, efficient experiences for our clients and their learners. Much of Terri’s career has focused on the conceptualization and management of fully online and blended learning implementations, for higher education, corporate and non-profit organizations. She also has extensive experience in project management, content creation, change management and adoption. Terri has been a guest lecturer and featured speaker on issues related to eLearning, accreditation and gamification.



Lia, Program Management

Lia brings over twenty years of higher education and managerial experience to Action Leadership Group. She has been actively involved in international relationship building in Europe and Asia, and has spent many years coaching and developing young talent. She has served as a Project Leader in many capacities from building corporate relationships, launching new programs, to new technology roll-outs over the years.




Our Team Lisa

Lisa, Instructional Design Lead

Lisa has twenty years’ experience in customized learning design and delivery, performance consulting, organizational communication, marketing, and change management. Her creative energy, insightful analysis, and a commitment to excellence have contributed to successful performance improvement solutions in diverse industries, including manufacturing, financial services, consumer products, higher education, health care, government, and telecommunications.




Alex, Social Media Guru

Alex is an ambitious, determined entrepreneur revolutionizing and advancing the entertainment industry with creative new ideas and modern cutting-edge thinking. Extremely experienced in leveraging the growing power of the internet and knowledgeable on all corners of the web and interactive marketing. Alex started his first business, Everest Lighting Effects, at age 14. He now runs and manages the website FirstShowing.net and resides in New York City.





Drew, Business Analyst and Client Advisor

Drew reflects the creativity and drive of the high adrenaline athlete.  From a professional career as a free skier to an inventor of back country ski tools and entrepreneur, Drew understands the product development process that resonates with the high energy professional. His hospitality industry experiences with Snowbird and Ruth Chris’s for many years provides insights on the service end of business.  At the consumer electronics company, Skullcandy, Drew’s work in finance sharpened his business systems know-how. A degree in finance from the University of Denver was hard earned while competing as a skier.  Salt Lake City and the mountains are home to Drew, his wife, and son.





Jenn, Sales and Marketing Advisor

Jenn lives on the edge of marketing innovation.  Her experiences as director of sales – mass, drug, and value channels and at the corporate level in sales and commercialization for Swire Coca-Cola USA in Salt Lake City, and in small store and foodservice on-premise channels for Coca-Cola Enterprises in Phoenix and Denver earned her the reputation of a premier food industry marketing executive. Her sharp analytical skills were honed as an American Express Financial Advisor where she earned Series 7, 6&6, and life and health certifications. A BS marketing – Univ of Utah and MBA from Arizona State University are her academic roots.  Living in Salt Lake City with her husband and son, Jenn turns to the outdoors to hike, bike, and board for her vitality.



Jerry, Information Technology Advisor

Jerry is our resident computer expert. He brings over 25 years of Information Technology experience, in industries as diverse as construction and wholesale food sales. His technical expertise, combined with a graduate degree is business helps us ground our technology solutions for superior results for our clients. He also keeps our email and other business technology functioning.





Sandra, Market-Focused Leadership Savant

Sandra is a thought leader and speaker on market-focused leadership.  Sandra is the principal and founder of STKing Associates LLC, a strategic marketing, communications, and brand positioning consulting practice. Her current clients include a large commercial real estate development company, a public research university and several early stage companies. Prior to the founding of STKing Associates she held several leadership positions in the health care and education sectors and has been a strategic partner with several national and international organizations. Sandra is a great speaker who compels leaders to understand the market conditions that impact them as leaders. Her list of clients, partners, and employers is impressive.  She resides in Sudbury, MA.